Our Mission, Values, and Vision


TextileX and the Portland TextileX Month Festival are part of a social enterprise founded and organized by Textile Hive to build community and foster cross-pollination among textile enthusiasts, artists, businesses, schools, and cultural organizations.

We create programming and provide an open platform to share histories, knowledge, commerce, experiences, and practices, across cultures and generations. We seek to partner with facilitators and organizations, rooted in community building, sharing, accessibility, inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration. By creating and fostering textile programming that champions grassroots collaboration and dialogue, we create meaningful opportunities for change. 
As a mission-driven textile organization, we reflect and make connections between the vibrant and diverse textile community in Portland and Beyond. Through the programming we create, the opportunities we provide, and the people we reach, we work to make our programming each year more accessible by lowering economic and structural barriers to participation. With funding through grants, sponsorships, and direct contributions, we provide paid administrative and teaching opportunities, seed funding, and honorariums to a wide range of projects that increase participation and representation of marginalized and underrepresented groups. As a social enterprise that serves a broad array of textile constituencies, we take an alternative organizing approach adjacent to corporate, nonprofit, institutional models.