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Stashia Cabral

Stashia Cabral is a visual and performance artist from Portland, Oregon. She works in movement and traditional media such as sculpture, and painting, she has a passion for ready made and assemblages. Muchof her workincludes the use of saved family artifacts, including textiles, letters and photographs, and navigates the storeie (real and imagined) of her family's flight from Germany and their love (and hate) stories. Her performance pieces range from traditional belly dance, to butoh or burlesque and feature beautifully handmade costumes and props. Quirks and oddities are her happy place. Stashia has shown work at galleries and cafes locally, and performed at venues ranging from cafes and theaters to big stages, like the Northwest World Reggae Festival. Stashia received her MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art.

 painting  sculpture  textile art