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Potted in Portland

Sara Childers and Carie Nedley grew up in the Portland area in a home full of plants and gardening.

During weekly sisters nights, Carie and Sara dreamed up Potted In Portland as a way to help everyone have houseplants that thrive. Selling succulent arrangements at their location gift shop grew into helping people around the city design plantscapes and care for their plants.

In 2020, they opened their neighborhood plant shop on a vibrant block of SE Clinton full of local businesses. In 2022, Sara and Carie opened their satellite location inside the Schoolhouse Electric showroom, bringing plants and pottery to thoughtful designs. Now, the Potted in Portland dream continues. Their two shops are full of interior houseplants, gifts and pottery, and their staff of plant care specialists help them care for 50+ businesses and growing around the Portland Metro area.