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Limei Lai

Limei Lai enjoys working with paint, fabric and clay. She is curious about how memories and experience work with objects to create cultural value and aesthetic value in spaces, thus addressing and commenting past and present to encourage good changes. Her interactive community engagement installation focuses on creating spaces and voices for intergenerational communication. Art as an experience not only visually critiques, questions, reflects, but also celebrates. Limei is the artist member at Blackfish Gallery. She was the founder and curator of Playground Gallery and the vice-president of Oregon Chinese Artist Association. Her works were shown in Local 14 Art Show, The Arts Center at Corvallis, Ashland Fiber Arts Collective, Newport Visual Arts Center, Paragon Gallery, Lansu Garden, The Place, PNCA, Red E Cafe Gallery, Playground Gallery. Her murals were in north Portland and Chinatown Portland.

 embroidery  needle work  sewing  textile art