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Julz Clementine

Julz Clementine is a surface designer, illustrator, and teacher living out her dreams in Portland, Oregon. She has a BFA with a concentration in Communication Design from Texas State University. During the expanse of her career as an artist, she has worked as a designer in print & apparel, an art director in advertising, and is currently working as a surface pattern designer & illustrator. Her deep love for nature and female empowerment led her to begin Hummingbird Art Camp in the summer of 2018. A few of her favorite things since childhood have been creating, crafting, rainbows & finding simple beauty in the everyday. Once she became a mama, she began to teach her daughter about sharing kindness with the world, appreciating art and looking for the good. She realized that many of these teaching opportunities were her favorite parts in the day, and now dedicates her life to creating and connecting with others through art and sharing ways to play and seek out the magic in everyday life.

 textile design