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Hillsboro Brookwood Library

Welcoming and inclusive, the Hillsboro Public Library is a world-class system where our entire community gathers, connects, and explores. The second floor of Brookwood Library is home to the largest non-professional art gallery in Washington County – over 129 feet of wall space! Shute Park Library’s smaller gallery space often showcases artwork from students and emerging artists. It is part of the Hillsboro Cultural Arts District. Both gallery spaces:

  • offer an inclusive, all-ages art experience.
  • create community and discussion around diverse art and culture.
  • create a space where artists and patrons connect.
Hillsboro Public Library is honored to house many beautiful works of art in the Hillsboro Public Art Collection. Public art at Shute Park Library includes the mural, Bird Child Travels Through History, by artist Angelina Marino-Heidel, and Shute Seeds, a sculpture by artist Blessing Hancock. Public art at Brookwood Library includes the murals Learn to Dream and Read to Grow by Addie Boswell.