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Fuchsia Lin

Fuchsia Lin is a Taiwanese-American artist, fashion/costume designer and  filmmaker, called a visionary by the Seattle Times for the imaginative art  and performance work she has produced.  Fuchsia began her career as a fashion designer, studying at Parsons  School of Design in NYC. Years later, Fuchsia turned to the medium of film  to showcase her fashion and costume designs in motion. Her first short  film, Crystals of Transformation, went on to win her a scholarship award to  study fashion filmmaking at London College of Fashion, one of two  universities in the world that teaches fashion filmmaking.   Fuchsia is currently finishing up her second film, Future Cosmos Flow, a  fantasy drama film. This film features more than 40 custom couture pieces  made from sustainable materials Fuchsia designed especially for the film,  worn and set in motion by award-winning performers.  Future Cosmos Flow is a genre-bending film and magical fairy tale inspired  by mythology and the natural elements. An exiled royal family must learn  to harness a mystical water-power to subdue a tyrannical Uncle who  threatens the ecological survival of their Kingdom. It relates to our modern  day need for the renewed care of our environment.  Fuchsia will speak about her journey from costume designer to filmmaker.  She will share how she uses the medium of film to show fashion in motion  and tell a story through textiles. And she’ll show excerpts from her new  film, Future Cosmos Flow, which will be screened at a special event at the  Portland Art Museum in 2024.

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