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Diggity Dog Textiles (Chris Quinn)

Chris Quinn was born to stitch. Like so many of her kind, she balanced her nights of making with days in retail...with a twist - she found work in a community owned and collectively operated business. Her crafty perspective allowed her to grasp the effectiveness of weaving together many people to succeed as an enterprise by employing an egalitarian structure - leadership made inclusive because skill and passion determined leadership and fostered respect. Over time, she was invited to support other businesses around the country in strengthening the habits that support inclusivity and empowerment, then when travel got weary, accepted an invitation to become a partner in one company and community, spending the next 20 years growing a cluster of stores while also engaging in a variety of prosocial projects that strengthened the community by sharing her understanding of human and groups. Fascination with human behavior and the desire to generate healthy humans and groups compelled her to study the social scientists and eventually become one. She discovered a truth about the power of our group experiences in supporting or destroying our individual health - emotionally, physically, mentally and socially - a truth she experienced but could only articulate through the support of the social scientists that came before her and worked together to do research and share their learning. Meanwhile, shifts in the world rattled her partners and despite her resistance to change, her company was sold. With no choice but to accept this outcome, she saw the gift in it: the ability to craft both night and day. She moved toward building her skill as a weaver, allowing herself to make fabrics to sew and decorate homes. She embraced the artisans life and moved to Portland, where she toils daily in her makery, building her weaving skills and accessing her sewing skills. She also continues to share her wisdom and classifies herself as a "back of house" operator, supporting prosocial endeavors by supporting those who care. She sees value in taking a supportive role for the next generation by making alliances that empower others to take a stand, learning that through a sense of belonging founded in cultural humility, it's possible for us all to be true to ourselves, and also curious and acknowledging others.