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Mohammed Murshed


Mohammed Murshed is a Yemeni American visual artist currently based in Portland, Oregon. They work with paint, textile, sculpture, video, sound, computer programming, and video games. Through works across multiple mediums, Murshed’s objective is to bring awareness to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Their personal experiences during adolescence in Yemen and as a Yemeni expatriate living in the United States. Murshed holds a Bachelor of Art and Technology degree at the University of Oregon (UO), Eugene, Oregon, 2018; and a Master’s in Fine Art in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in Portland, Oregon, 2020. Mohammad Murshed was a recent participant in the Portland Institute of Art Creative Exchange Lab (CXL) in 2021. They have exhibited at Congress Yard (Portland, OR); Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland, OR); Eugene, Oregon, and other online venues. Has been interviewed recently in the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) 2020 Focus Week Alumni Student Connection, Lust Caveat, Collaboration with Angelíca Milián Lozano; Journalistic Learning Initiative by Ryan Nakano; Using art to heal from War in Yemen, Unesco interview.