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Meg Amaranth Denton


Intermedia artist that deeply intertwines my agricultural background. My focus is sustainability in ecological systems by utilizing all practices of – mix media, paintings, sculptures, video/soundscapes, textiles, print media, resilient landscape design, woodworking, murals with Art Seed PDX, photography, and often large formats to fit my big moods of passion. Able Farms PDX has been a foundation for many of my passions to come together under one umbrella. I am balancing my art focus alongside my agriculture career. The two are seamlessly intertwined. Exploratory endeavors of environment and travel enable my work and relation to others, the natural and spiritual arenas- in pursuit of positive change and consciousness. I am building on the elevation of my Native cultural perspective to evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia that emits joy, contemplation, connection, and inspiration. I am a human of all artistic trades.