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Christine Miller


Christine Miller (b. 1990, New York, NY, she/her) is a conceptual artist currently based in Portland, OR. With a background in Product Development and an extensive understanding of manufacturing processes, Miller’s work focuses on the design intentionality of physical products, literature, and advertisements that have been used to dehumanize African Americans. Her art centers around racial stereotypes and histories, while simultaneously reframing cultural narratives. Pointedly exploring how anti-Black propaganda and stereotypes permeate American life, Miller sources and recontextualizes figurines, advertisements, written material, and other ephemera that overtly and covertly create and maintain anti-Blackness. Despite the deeply violent and sinister nature of these objects and visuals, Miller often draws from those with an “everyday” quality – once readily available tchotchkes, drugstore products, and popular magazines – that add to the material’s impact. Through her work, Miller confronts and challenges white supremacist definitions and illustrations of Blackness, as well as her own identity formation.