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Sourcing Materials: A Post-apocalyptic Approach to Design

October 2 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm PDT

Series: lecture, workshop, and showcase, Sourcing Materials will teach attendees how to salvage materials and create wearable art.

As we move forward as a society, we are presented with challenges & obstacles we must address & strive to overcome.  Our current industrial production model creates excessive waste, contributes to pollution, the accumulation of plastics in our oceans and waterways, and the unfathomable horrors of climate change. These factors along with increased socio-political unrest, poverty, and the ever increasing population may eventually threaten our global access to the materials and textiles on which our current systems of production and design rely.

As artists we  can choose to create one of a kind items that are coveted, unique and special for our customers.  We can create  to specifically address the individual needs and desires of each customer as to their preferences, size, body shape, physical disabilities and gender. We can not only create products people want, but we have the unique opportunity to create items that break away from the tradition of mass production  that inevitably drives the obsession for more and more stuff at cheaper and cheaper price points.

When we embody the critical role of the artist, we challenge society and drive the industry toward a healthier more inclusive and sustainable  model that sources textiles from local, and sustainable means.

Since our  current  global economic structure over produces  and relies heavily upon cheap labor and imported goods, our most readily  available, sustainable local resource happens to be post consumer waste.

In this series I’ll  share how creating bespoke pieces  using post consumer waste reduces our dependence on mass production, diverts waste from landfills and waterways, challenges our creativity, and fosters inclusivity .

“A Post-apocalyptic Approach to Design” is a three-part series that seeks to equip participants with the ability to reimagine materials  at hand and create a tangible wearable piece of art.

The lecture will explore why utilizing post consumer waste is crucial. How and what to glean,  where to salvage, and how to deconstruct, prep and store materials for reuse.

The workshop will take you through the process of selecting your materials, sketching a design, forming a construction plan and ultimately creating a head adornment.

The series will culminate in a Halloween showcase where each participant is invited to display or model their work and discuss the process of reimagining the materials.

You can see more of this artist’s work on Instagram: @keevatheunicornqueen and @realmandreigndesignstudio

This programming is a Portland TextileX Month Distributed Community Project (DCP) funded by a grant by the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition. Each DCP is a distinct collaboration between textile communities and the project facilitators or artists. DCPs are prioritized that are led by or serve historically marginalized or underrepresented communities, that offer open learning and collaboration opportunities, and that speaks to this year’s festival theme New Traditions.

Registration for this event will open on September 26th.


October 2
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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Keeva Moselle
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