Integrating, repairing, and transforming found objects into social commentary has been a major part of Bonnie Meltzer’s fiberart sculptures throughout her career. Her crocheted wire sculptures used objects as diverse as computer parts, globes, garments, and un-named doohickies. Many of the 1970s crochet books included images of her sculpture. More recently, they are on the covers of Fine Art of Crochet (2013) and Artistry in Fiber: Vol II Sculpture (2017). Her very mixed media artworks have been in exhibitions (Maryhill Museum, Hallie Ford Museum, Columbia Center for the Arts); collections (University of Washington, National Science Foundation, City of Portland); and TV (OPB produced a video about Meltzer for their 2013 “Voices of Coal” series and was in an early episode of Oregon Art Beat). In fall 2021 a large textile installation will be exhibited at the Oregon Jewish Museum. This interview was recorded by Caleb Sayan as part of Portland Textile Month 2020.